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Grayson delivers timeless lesson from a teenage perspective

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When I was 15, I spent most of my time at Dominican High School trying not to embarrass myself socially (fail), academically (meh) and athletically (nope). Grayson has used her time in Whitefish Bay a little more productively, having just released her second single on the way to her debut EP.

Lyrically, “AiRHEAD” deals with the use of labels and stereotypes to minimize a person instead of putting in the effort to learn more about them. It’s thematic ground we typically assign to the high school experience, but it’s hard to argue that we don’t continue encountering it well into adulthood.

Co-written, produced and recorded by Tom Riddle of Stories Studio in Milwaukee, the track’s verses are sonically ethereal before the chorus injects a little chaos into the mix. But Grayson’s vocals are always center stage, delivered with a confidence that belies her 15 years.

Born with a cleft palate, Grayson credits a talented surgeon for helping find her voice physically. It’s clear she’s well on her way to finding it artistically, too.

Listen to “AiRHEAD” below and on streaming services beginning this Saturday, Aug. 13.
Grayson, "AiRHEAD"