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Talking life, love of music and 'Sad Girl SZN' with Bisca Rae

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I'm always excited when I get a chance to reconnect emotionally, spiritually and musically with the Milwaukee creative community. Whether they're a producer, vocalist, songwriter, DJ, manager, musician or just about anyone involved with the creation of something that's never existed before, the conversations always go someplace interesting.

This week, I had the distinct honor of chatting with the very talented singer, songwriter and musician Bisca Rae. We went from discussing big life choices to reflecting on relationships and connections she made with her new album, Sad Girl SZN (out now on all streaming platforms).

This amazing creative force locked in and got to work on this project. Sad Girl SZN is nine intentional, heartfelt tracks out of many more she created during the last couple of years. So, amazingly, Bisca has only scratched the surface of the body of work that is yet to come.

She's an artist you want to keep an eye on, no doubt. Head down and listen to our conversation to learn more about how Milwaukee smashed her musical boundaries, the new album and everything ahead of her.
Interview with Bisca Rae

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