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MD McNally makes himself heard on new single ‘Upon Arrival’

A man wearing a short-sleeve shirt and holding an electric guitar runs a hand through his hair while smiling in front of tall, wild plants and a blue sky with white clouds.
MD McNally

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Typically, when we talk about an artist finding their voice, it’s from a writing perspective — an indication they discovered what they want to address in their lyrics, that they actually have something to say. For MD McNally, it’s much more literal than that.

This isn’t just a premiere for new single “Upon Arrival.” It’s also the debut of McNally’s more confident approach behind the mic. “I don’t recall having any kind of a breakthrough,” McNally said, “but I definitely felt more confident when I performed during the recording sessions.” As a result, there’s a force behind his words that matches the message of reassurance he’s trying to deliver:

When the road fails to rise
Don’t be in distress
Be alive upon arrival
I’ll do the rest

His confident sincerity carries over to the instrumentation — comfortably rambling guitar and steady, insistent drumming laid down by Field Report’s Devin Drobka. It makes for an easy listen you can hear for yourself here, as well as on the 88Nine airwaves.

“Upon Arrival” will also appear on McNally’s upcoming EP, Crimes, which is due Feb. 17 but available for pre-order right now on his Bandcamp page.