Duckling resurface with a nervy new tune, ‘Nailz’

Duckling resurface with a nervy new tune, ‘Nailz’

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Every week, 88Nine brings you a fresh track from a Milwaukee artist. They send it to us. We post it here. You hear it before everyone else.

This week, we’ve got the latest track from a band that can always be counted on to deliver some endearing weirdness: The Milwaukee trio Duckling. The group’s deliriously fuzzy new track “Nailz” nods to the lo-fi heyday of SST Records, particularly the queasy, guitar-addled spirit of early Dinosaur Jr. (and like a lot of early Dinosaur Jr. tracks, this one is about puking). It’s light and buzzy and odd; stream it below, along with its video.

“The video itself has some Milwaukee themes to it, old footage of July 4th in Milwaukee in the ’70s,” the band writes. “The music video was made in quarantine. We realized this song naturally has some quarantine themes to it and decided to roll with it.”

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