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Ravi/Lola's latest album is a sugar rush filled journey

From beginnings as a home recording project in 2008, Ravi/Lola have evolved into a baroque-pop ensemble exploring whimsical and eccentric sounds. Their latest release, "Neighborhood Daydream," captures those sensations while staying both grounded and on the brink of fantasy.

Inspired by '60s psychedelic baroque/neo-toytown pop, singer/guitarist Casey James Seymour enlisted Nick Wieczorkowski, Robert Thomas and Anton Sieger in 2015 and made their debut in 2017 with "Shape Up Shoulders," providing a glimpse into their bubbly, cotton-candy music.

Since then, the group has had a steady output of records. The latest, "Neighborhood Daydream," is a journey that puts the band's reverie and ethereal approach under the spotlight.

Ravi/Lola | Photo courtesy of artist

The band explain it best, "it is not possible to relay another's experience of neighborhood due to the inconceivable chance they are identical. However, we can find commonality by approaching the concept in general as a place with expectation, boundary, and relationship. Ravi/Lola brings you to a neighborhood filled with just that, using both the real and imagined, the described and anecdotal, to create another whimsical world of wonder for each listener to travel to. This album is only audio but it's also an invitation to stop by, to visit, and get to know. Look out for the pinstripers, say hi to Mike the Mailman, get a history lesson, a school picture, or confront the duality in us all."

Take a ride and listen to the album below: