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88Nine Radio Milwaukee summer intern playlist

What's a good way to get to know the summer interns? Through their music tastes of course! Here is the 88Nine summer intern playlist.
We love music (no way) and we often use it as a way to form connections with people. So to get to know our new interns, we asked them to share 5 of their current music addictions and explain their taste in music.

I enjoy a lot of different types of music, but lately I’ve been reminiscing on my adolescence and listening to bands that make me feel nostalgic (my “Pop-Punk Powerhouses” Spotify playlist is seeing a lot of action these days). I’m big into analyzing song lyrics so naturally I’m attracted to songs that make me think and even more so, songs I can’t quite figure out. It’s amazing how different perspectives and backgrounds can bring out completely new meanings in songs. I think that’s one reason why music is so powerful.


When someone asks you what kind of music you're into it's easy to reply "everything". I'm not into "everything", but I am into a lot of things. I have 2 bands that could probably make anything and I would praise it (whether it's as a group or solo): Grizzly Bear and Vampire Weekend. But there's also no Kanye West album that I have not loved to date. If you want a broader sense of what I'm into, just listen to 88Nine. From these 3 artists to others like Beach House, Radiohead, or Chance the Rapper. They play it all!


When it comes to musical inspirations and aspirations, the immersive factor is what really calls to me more than anything else. And while escapism isn’t technically a good thing, an artist's ability to take me away from the humdrum of my everyday existence and submerge me in a realm of their own creation is an experience like no other. With this in mind, I feel that the tribal and sporadic nature of early Animal Collective along with the beautifully monotonous drones of William Basinski sum up the polarized sides of my everyday playlist.


In regards to my music interests and inspirations, I would say that I am incredibly all over the board. I can't necessarily say that I subscribe to one genre, style or artist since my music taste is inspired from a multitude of people, places and various situations. Being an active member of the Music Club at Beloit College, a lot of my current music interests stem from the underground and DIY music scene around the Midwest. Other than that, I'm fairly open-minded to most music, yet I'm not really afraid to voice my opinion on whether or not your band sucks or rocks.