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Pitchfork Festival preview

Crowd/atmosphere at the 2012 Pitchfork Music Festival. Saturday, July 14, 2012. Photo by Joseph Mohan.

Pitchfork is the most reliable and consistent music blog on the internet. With a seemingly endless number of albums released each day, Pitchfork distills it all and upholds the standards of music journalism and critique. Every summer they throw a party in Chicago to bring that music to life.

We have already laid out why it is that we love Pitchfork, so here is a rundown of who we will be seeing every day.

Still need tickets? Find 'em HERE.


Whitney at 4:15

In Pitchfork’s own review of Whitney’s album they said that “Light Upon The Lake” is “the Corona of rock records.” Who doesn’t want to kick off a music festival with a Corona in the middle of a sunny afternoon? Whitney is the perfect band to kick this thing. And they are Chicago natives too. There is poetic justice in this booking.

Julia Holter: 4:35

The harpsichord is the most prominent instrument on Julia Holter’s new album. I’m not even sure what a harpsichord looks like, but it gives the album such a distinct identity. I can’t wait to see her play it.

Shamir: 8:15

“To those who keep asking, I have no gender, no sexuality and no fucks to give,” –Shamir

Shamir has all the intangibles that you can’t get by just hearing his album. You can hear that he has style, you can her that he has something to say, you can her his magnetism. Tonight, we will see it.


Savages 4:15

Savages is raw power. Robin Hilton from NPR said that Savages is one of the best live bands he has ever seen. I trust Robin Hilton.

Blood Orange 5:15

I’m still in the afterglow of Blood Oranges’ newest, “Freetown Sound.” It’s the album I listened to on the train ride down to Chicago. It’s the freshest release of any performer this year and it will be satisfying to hear an album performed so close to it’s release date.

Brian Wilson performing Pet Sounds 7:25

I just want to see how he does this. “Pet Sounds” is one of the most technical released of all time and took nearly an entire village to make, dogs and trains included. Is he going to put it all on a click track and play a piano over it? Is he going to have people perform all those parts? What is going to happen?


Sun Ra Arkestra 1:55

Sun Ra and his Arkestra was a cornerstone of Chicago’s wonderful jazz scene. RIP Sun Ra. We will be paying our respects.

Kamasi Washington 3:20

A station favorite. We have tried to figure a way to get Washington to perform in Milwaukee, but haven’t succeeded yet. His album “The Epic” may single-handedly be responsible for a resurgence in jazz for a new generation.

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