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Watch a new short film from director's of WebsterX's "Doomsday"

Known as the artists who directed WebsterX's Doomsday, Cody LaPlant and Damian Blue have released another beautifully-shot film into the world. Titled, Until They Berry Me, this film strays from the traditional narrative, instead creating a more open, abstract story. It explores themes of death, forgiveness, and community and feels relevant to our current social and political issues. Although these themes seem apparent, the filmmakers want to leave the story up for individual interpretation.

Until They Berry Me is starring Cameron "Lorde Fredd33" Henderson, Carson "Mic" Kellogg. Score by Q the Sun. Wardrobe and Production Design by Amanda Mills. Featuring: King Courteen, Zed Kenzo, Kiran Vee, Jay Anderson, Lex Allen, Chris Gilbert, Amanda Mills, WebsterX, Bo Triplex, Kenny Hoopla, and Xiaodi Wang.

What do you think the berries represent?