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A chat with Pinegrove

What: Pinegrove Where: The Back Room @ Colectivo When: Friday, October 20 7PM Doors/8PM Show Tickets:

Pinegrove is going to be coming to Milwaukee with a performance at The Back Room at Colectivo on Friday, October 20.

We had the chance to chat with singer Evan Stephens Hall at Pitchfork Festival in the media tent and asked about his first show, singing in the shower, karaoke, and more.

Get to know Pinegrove a little better before they come to Milwaukee!

Read the interview with Pinegrove below:


Radio Milwaukee: Can we do a quick introduction, who you are, where we are?

Evan: Hello. My name is Evan Stephens Hall from the band Pinegrove from Montclaire, New Jersey.

Radio Milwaukee: Cool, and where are we?

Evan: We are at Pitchfork Festival in Illinois, United States.

Radio Milwaukee: Perfect. Awesome. Alright, so we’re gonna start with what is the first concert you ever went to?

Evan: It was West African drumcore at, I think, town hall in New York City, and I fell asleep midway through. I was like 5 years old or 6. Yeah.

Radio Milwaukee: Do you think that has shaped who you are as a musician?

Evan: Yeah, well, I mean, it sort of calls to mind when mothers will play, or future mothers, will play music for their babies in the womb. Maybe while I was sleeping, the rhythms entered my head and I woke up a musician.

Radio Milwaukee: Probably. Alright, what is your go-to karaoke song?

Evan: That would have to be the- I’m forgetting the title right now- it’s by *NSYNC. I’ve only done karaoke once, actually.

Radio Milwaukee: So it has to be your go-to.

Evan: Uh huh and they only let me go once.

Radio Milwaukee: You weren’t allowed to go again. That’s funny.

Evan: Damn I love the song! It’s cause I’m very nervous - not really, not really.

Radio Milwaukee: Yeah, you seem very nervous. Okay so if you can’t remember the title do you think you could do a couple bars of it?

Evan: Mhm. 1, 2, 3, 4, 2, 2, 3, 4. That’s the instrumental part where it’s like the ball is bopping but the lyrics haven’t come up yet. I don’t remember the song at all, I’m sorry.

Radio Milwaukee: No, you’re good, you’re good, you’re good. Alright, is there a song that you sing in the shower?

Evan: Uh huh. Yeah, actually, I tend to write music in the shower so whatever I’m thinking of. It tends to be a great place to finish up songs.

Radio Milwaukee: Cool. Alright and what is one song that you can’t stop listening to?

Evan: “Natural Woman” written by Carol King, performed by Aretha Franklin. This is my favorite song of all time.

Radio Milwaukee: Wow. Can you tell me why this is your favorite song, like what you really, really like about it, what makes it special?

Evan: Mhm. So, well, first of all, it’s just beautiful, melancholy, I love the chord changes, but then when it kicks it up into the bridge, there’s like a little bit of a, I don’t know, I guess a modulation. The line “ooh baby, what you’ve done to me (done to me), make me feel so good inside (good inside)” It’s that call and response that really gets me going every single time.

Radio Milwaukee: Thank you so much.

Evan: Thanks.