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An all-star cast of Milwaukee musicians will take on the music of Bjork

Bjork tribute

If you know me at all, you would know that my all-time favorite artist is the Icelandic wonder, Bjork.  I have been a fan of her since I first heard her sing the song "Birthday" with her group Sugarcubes on the radio in DC during college.  I actually bought the 45" of the song "Birthday" with one side sung in English and the other side sung in Icelandic.   There is no other artist as innovative and creative as Bjork. She pushes her creativity on every album she releases.  She embraces new technology and incorporates it into her creative process.

When I heard Milwaukee's Amanda Huff do a cover of "Hunter" from Bjork's third album Homogenic, I was stunned.  Huff's embodied the Icelandic singer for the length of the song.  After her performance, I told her you must curate a tribute to the music of Bjork.  And to my joy, she agreed.

On Dec. 29 at Company Brewing, less than a month after Bjork released her latest album, "Utopia", Amanda Huff will host "Army of Me: A Tribute to Bjork." The tribute features music arrangements by f Steve Peplin, Michael Ritter, Pat Reinholz, and William Bush (aka Immortal Girlfriend). Performers include Abby Jeanne, Zed Kenzo, Cat Ries, Nickel & Rose, Yasmeen Daniel, Steve Peplin, Michael Ritter, Pat Reinholz, David Wake, Kristian Brusubardis, Ousia Whitaker-Devault, Isaiah Joshua, Joe Niemann, Mitch Shiner, Reggie Bordeaux and William Bush.

Presale tickets will soon be available for $12 soon or will be available for $15 at the door. You can find more details on the Facebook event page.

Director of Digital | Radio Milwaukee