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Mini Meltdowns bring reverb and fun with their debut 'Hospital'

Earlier this month, Mini Meltdowns gave us their short but sweet debut with ‘Hospital’ and didn’t hold back. The newly formed trio is split between Milwaukee and Nashville, but have deep-settled roots locally and have linked up with local record label Good Land Records. The first track from their upcoming album, which is set to release April 20, 2018, is a clean, and softer, rendition of the ever-growing popular garage scene.
Fully loaded with front-heavy guitars and swinging-fun vocals, the song keeps tight and compact with relatable and upbeat demeanor. Without swaying too far into extremes, they incorporate enough reverb and fuzz with charming harmonies and song-writing to appeal to a genre-bending audience.

The fast-paced, buoyant and fun track showcases the trio’s talent and promises a well-rounded, entertaining EP. Listen to ‘Hospital’ below.