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Immortal Girlfriend's first music video is here

Immortal Girlfriend video

The Milwaukee original synthwave/synthpop producers Immortal Girlfriend just finished their debut music video. This was also the first music video for local director Xavier Whitaker.

Together, they put together a narrative-based video that is a comment on modern dating and the band's name itself. Watch the video for "Daybreak" below.
Immortal Girlfriend says this video is about "self discovery, identity and empowerment."

Beginning with dudes searching a site called "Bindor," for "real women that you can mold to fit your personality," the story explores toxic dating habits, female agency and freedom.

Immortal Girlfriend - "Daybreak"

Their EP, "Daybreak," is out now.

And, catch their show for Arte Para Todos this Friday at 10 p.m. at the Cactus Club.