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SistaStrings' dream 2022 gets even better with SNL appearance Dec. 10

Chauntee and Monique Ross were already having themselves quite the year when they dropped this bit of news Tuesday afternoon:

That’s right. SistaStrings on Saturday Night Live backing up Brandi Carlile, and almost certainly becoming best friends with Steve Martin and Martin Short. This also makes them the latest in a surprisingly long list of musicians with Milwaukee connections to play SNL (the Journal Sentinel was nice enough to write this reference piece).

In case you missed the previous 11 months, here are a few of the Ross sisters’ highlights:

  • March 23 — Jimmy Kimmel Live (w/Allison Russell)
  • April 1 — Ellen (w/Allison Russell)
  • April 3 — The Grammys (w/Alicia Keys and Brandi Carlile)
  • June 25 — Hung out with Henry Winkler
  • July 5 — Wrapped Willie Nelson’s Outlaw Music Festival run (w/Allison Russell)
  • Aug. 5 — Hometown show at Fiserv Forum (w/Brandi Carlile)
  • Aug. 12 — Released new album Love Is the Only Thing (w/Peter Mulvey)
  • Sept. 14 — Tiny Desk Concert (w/Allison Russell)
  • Oct. 1 — Episode of Austin City Limits airs (w/Brandi Carlile)
  • Oct. 23 — Madison Square Garden (w/Brandi Carlile)
  • Dec. 10 — Saturday Night Live (w/Brandi Carlile)

Quite the capper to 2022, although I wouldn’t put it past the dynamic duo to squeeze in something else phenomenally awesome in the three weeks before we close out the year. New Year’s Eve with Miley Cyrus? Raising a glass with Andy Cohen in Times Square? It’s all on the table for these two.