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Justin Vernon nods to the past, hints at the future on new ‘Song Chest’

A white logo on an orange background is accompanied by the words "Song Chest Radio Hour."

No one can transition from a new-age electronic love song to a classic Americana diddy quite like Justin Vernon.

This month’s Song Chest Radio Hour is the perfect soundtrack as we get further into the new year, weaving bits of nostalgia with lesser-known, late-night aux plays from the past decade. The playlist skews upbeat and is high in contrast, serving listeners an unexpected yet euphonic curation of sounds.

For what it’s worth, this was my personal favorite episode to date — filled with sweet surprises and even sneak peeks. Vernon truly leans into the community, following the trend of the last episode by closing out the hour with a reading of a poem submitted by a listener. Vernon also teases some potential upgrades coming the Song Chest Radio Hour’s way: the possibility of themed episodes and even the integration of musical guests.

You can tune in to the next Song Chest Radio Hour this Sunday, Feb. 5, to see what exactly Vernon has in store for us next.

Track listing

  • 00:50 — "Drive Like I Never Been Hurt," Ry Cooder
  • 04:58 — "Serpentine Fire," Earth, Wind & Fire
  • 09:22 — “Gladly,” Tirzah
  • 14:03 — "Hate It When You Leave," Keith Richards
  • 20:05 — "Short Road," Wax Stag
  • 25:00 — "He Got You," Ronnie Milsap
  • 28:57 — "I Want to Be Your Man," Zapp & Roger
  • 33:45 — "Me & Magdalena," The Monkees
  • 38:38 — "Hana," Joni Mitchell
  • 43:39 — "Black Star," Gillian Welch and David Rawlings
  • 51:45 — "Jupiter," Jenny Hval
  • 56:50 — "Countless Lives Inhabit Us," Fernando Pessoa (translated by Richard Zenith)
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