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Sahara Sounds Mixtape

Sound Travels Sunday was a desert caravan straight into the heart of the world’s largest and most famous desert—The Sahara. Featuring music from nearly all the countries that straddle this not totally desolate space. From Morroccan gnawis making intoxicating rhythms to Algerian Rai. From Egyptian chaabi to the Tuareg rock of Mali, this mix both grooves and rocks with pop music so different from what we have in the West, that its exotic-ness will open a new world of style for you.

Next Week… I’ll be travelling to Costa Rica, for some rejuvenation and to find some music. Expect an older episode as we’ll look back with a dope mix from 2013.


Sahara Sounds Mixtape | Nov. 2nd 2014 by Marcusdoucette on Mixcloud


Production Manager | Radio Milwaukee