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Roots Reggae Revival Mixtape

Fairly or unfairly, I think there's a perception that reggae is a thing of the past.

I think the perception is that roots reggae sorta fizzled out after Bob Marley and Peter Tosh passed away in the early 80's and that dancehall reggae "killed" roots reggae.

And while it's somewhat true to see the rise of dancehall culture overshadow the reggae scene, it's simply not true that roots reggae is dead.

There's more out there than ever before. But what is shifting is the industry that promotes reggae. It seems that everywhere you look, new roots-oriented players are stepping out of the shadow and into the spotlight.

It has many wondering if this is for real, if we're in the midst of a new reggae revival.

I believe we are.

Cats like Chronixx are getting spots on national TV shows and others, like Protoje, Exco Levi, JAH9 and Kabaka Pyramid are hot on the same trail.

Sunday's mixtape was all about the new names and voices on the scene...


Roots Reggae Revival Mixtape | Sound Travels Mar. 1st by Marcusdoucette on Mixcloud


Production Manager | Radio Milwaukee