Afrorocker Mixtape | Sound Travels July 17th 2016

Afrorocker Mixtape | Sound Travels July 17th 2016

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88Nine Radio Milwaukee
Obscure is the key word to describe this mix from near-forgotten scenes...

The Sound Travels mixtape this weekend was a vintage affair; rock and roll from rare African scenes was the theme. As much as I wished I could find music from all over Africa, I did manage to score some goodies from the North, South and middle of the continent.

The whole thing only works with Zamrock at its center as the Zambian scene from the 70’s was probably the most vibrant of all of these micro-scenes. Bands like Witch, Ngozi Family and Rikki Illilonga are all highlights and in the mix. Now & Again Record’s new comp Christophe Lemaire And Now-Again Present: Can’t You Hear Me was a great resource for the mix and is one of my favorite comps from 2016. As was the new Nigerian rock comp Wake Up You! The Rise and Fall of Nigerian Rock, Vol. 1 (1972-1977). And with these and a few other tracks in my collection, I came up with this mix…

Ofo the Black Company ” Allah Wakbarr”

A-Cads “Down The Road”

The Invaders “No Money, No Honey”

Fadoul “Al Zman Saib”

Ngozi Family “I’ve Been Looking For You”

Christ Zebby Tembo “I’m Not Made of Iron”

WITCH “No Time”

Rikki Illilonga “Sunshine Love”

Aktion “Groove the Funk”

The Strangers “Onye Ije”

WITCH “Lazy Bones”

Ofege “Deiyo Deiyo”

The Hikers “Eh Bien Mon Ami”

Troupe Majidi “Rsami”

Troupe Majidi “Afriquiya”