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88Nine World Tour Session: Live from Sydney with Middle Kids

Before bands start going on world tours of their own, 88Nine is doing a World Tour of virtual sessions. Our latest stop takes us to Sydney, Australia for a performance and interview with Middle Kids.

Their new album "Today We're The Greatest" dropped earlier this year and is their most personal to date. Delightfully designed with narrative and story in mind, the three piece outfit creates incredible depth and palpable momentum, with rising action and reveals on nearly every track. Written primarily in the first person, it's a reflection on self, emotional distance, relationships and living for today, all under a larger thematic umbrella of love.

Middle Kids' sophomore album "Today We're The Greatest" is out now on EMI Domino Recording Company.

“I want to make music that loves its listener. Music that makes people feel seen, seen in the tiny little places that hide away in their hearts," says singer Hannah Joy in the album's liner notes. "I want people to hear our music, and feel a sense of love. And when I say love, it can be challenging, intense and tough. But it’s in the guts.”

We talk about making music that hits "in the guts," returning to the road for the band's ambitious tour planned for this year, and how Joy's pregnancy made a lasting impact on recording the album.

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