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Say She She’s style, substance light up Studio Milwaukee

Jen Ellis

The dance floor is in Say She She’s DNA. Whether it’s a protest anthem (“Norma”), sultry seduction (“Blow My Mind”) or straight up joy bomb (“C’est Si Bon”), the songs delivered by the NYC-based trio are meant to get you moving.

So, when we invited them to Radio Milwaukee HQ for a Studio Milwaukee Session, I couldn’t help but wonder how that groove would translate to the setting. As much as we love our space, it doesn’t exactly throw off club vibes, and noon on a Tuesday isn’t typically a time to get down and/or funky.

I got my answer about 30 seconds into Say She She’s set, which they kicked off with the new single that dropped the same day, “Astral Plane.” With an appropriately cosmic funk groundwork established, the ladies eased us into the performance before punctuating the opening line with a flawless harmony that let everyone know they were going to bring it.

For the rest of that song and the three that followed (including one performed exclusively for our Radio Milwaukee members in the room), Say She She delivered on that promise. It was — at various moments — luxurious, buoyant and even operatic as Piya Malik, Nya Gazelle Brown and Sabrina Mileo Cunningham provided a sneak preview of their Back Room show later that evening.

Use the player at the top of the page to hear the broadcast portion of the session, as well as 88Nine music director Erin Wolf’s chat with the trio about breaking down the barriers between genres, disco’s undeserved bad rap and how thin walls brought them together. You can also pick up tickets to tonight’s performance with Abby Jeanne and pre-order the trio’s sophomore album, Silver, on Bandcamp ahead of its release Sept. 29.

Keep in mind that Studio Milwaukee Sessions are just one perk of becoming a member. If you want to be here the next time a national touring act like Say She She plays our intimate space, support Radio Milwaukee’s mission by visiting the membership page and making a contribution.

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Set list

  1. Astral Plane
  2. Reeling
  3. C’est Si Bon
  4. Forget Me Not (non-broadcast)