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Studio Milwaukee Session: Real Estate

You know a Studio Milwaukee Session is going to give you a little something extra when the baristas are buzzing about it.

Quick background: As the hard-working staff at Discourse finished setting up for the A.M. rush, 88Nine morning show host Dori Zori and I bounced over for a spring membership drive pick-me-up. While they brewed and steamed and sprinkled, they couldn’t stop talking about Real Estate’s visit for a noontime session that most certainly delivered on their expectations.

The crowded performance space didn’t hurt the vibe, either. People were all over the RSVP’s for this session as soon as we opened them up, and they showed up big time. The fact that this was a rare “open to the public” installment didn’t hurt, and we were happy to crank open the garage doors to make sure Real Estate’s ebullient approach to indie rock had room to breathe.

Opening with “Water Underground,” one of the singles from new album Daniel that we’ve been spinning with regularity, the band matched and surpassed the energy already in the room with a set that put smiles on the many faces in attendance. The cheeriness extended to 88Nine music director Erin Wolf’s mid-set interview, which shed light on how they very literally named their LP and how it wound up getting them on Elton John’s radar (and radio show!).

You can listen to the on-air portion of Real Estate’s session — minus their performance of “Darling” just for those attending in person — by hitting the “Listen” button at the top of the page. And if you want to be one of those lucky audience members at our next Studio Milwaukee Session, head over to our membership page and learn how to score a guaranteed invite for every single one.

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Set list

  1. “Water Underground”
  2. “Somebody New”
  3. “Flowers”
  4. “Darling” (non-broadcast performance)