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Studio Milwaukee is going on the road for Summerfest

(Clockwise, from left) Reyna Tropical, Brigitte Calls Me Baby, Dawes, Hippo Campus and Amos Lee.
Milwaukee World Festivals; Courtesy of the artists
(Clockwise, from left) Reyna Tropical, Brigitte Calls Me Baby, Dawes, Hippo Campus and Amos Lee.

Back in March, we made Studio Milwaukee history by taking the whole show on the road to Lilliput Records for a combination session/shopping trip with Phosphorescent. It went so well, we decided to do it again, except a little closer to home (easier to lug all the equipment that way).

With a whole bunch of artists we love coming to town for Summerfest, we invited them to hop in a boat — seriously — and cruise over to The Cooperage for a series of performances we’re calling (creatively) Studio Milwaukee at The Cooperage. Because the shows are a little different, the way you can score a seat will be a little different as well. Here’s how it’ll work.

For each of the five sessions, you’ll have an opportunity to put your name in the running for an exclusive invite. We’ll throw everyone in a big hat (not really), select the lucky attendees and let them know at least 48 hours before the show. Want to try it out? The entry for our first performance is open right now. We’ll add the rest of them as we get a little closer to their dates, so keep checking our contest page and enter for a chance to win. Good luck!

Studio Milwaukee at The Cooperage

June 22: Dawes (4 p.m.)

Eight albums into their career, Dawes have established themselves as equal parts storytellers and songwriters, with compositions that provide listeners with a palpable sense of someone else's experiences. Formed by brothers Taylor and Griffin Goldsmith, the band released most recent album Misadventures of Doomscroller in 2022 and are in the process of putting together LP #9.

June 27: Brigitte Calls Me Baby (1 p.m.)

The music of Brigitte Calls Me Baby is equal parts elegant time warp and up-close exploration of our modern-day neuroses. The Chicago-based band ingeniously spans genres and eras, merging the lavish romanticism of mid-century pop with the frenetic energy and spiky intensity of early millennium indie-rock.

June 28: Hippo Campus (1 p.m.)

Since the very beginning, Minneapolis’ Hippo Campus have tried to make sense of the world around them. They’ve always embraced the ride, the good and bad, trudging through together. Nearly a decade into being a band, Hippo Campus still embrace and are guided by the ethos of shaking it up, sonically or otherwise.

June 29: Amos Lee (1 p.m.)

Philadelphia-born singer-songwriter Amos Lee released his gold-selling self-titled first album in 2005 and has been known for his association with a long list of collaborators and touring partners, from Paul Simon and Bob Dylan to Zac Brown Band and Willie Nelson. Lee’s soon-to-be-released 11th studio album, Transmissions, continues to expand his sonic range while sharpening his closely observed lyrics that squarely address death, aging, and love.

July 5: Reyna Tropical (12:30 p.m.)

Reyna Tropical is led by guitarist, singer, songwriter and producer Fabiola Reyna (founder of She Shreds Media). Investigating landscapes of the tropical diaspora, Reyna Tropical is a musical exploration of intuition, transition, connection and continuation — a celebration of spiritual survival pulsing with the beat of all things tropical.