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Our Summerfest Checklist

Summerfest is an exciting time for us here at 88Nine. To celebrate the 50th anniversary and the first day of the Big Gig we’ve decided to think about some of the best, worst, and craziest experiences we have had at Summerfest throughout the years. We want to see how many of these experiences you have had too!
Have you ever

-Been to Summerfest?

-Seen a headlining show at Summerfest?

-Bought a beer at Summerfest?

-Bought some random knick-knacks from the vendors at Summerfest?

-Watched the Summerfest fireworks?

-Become friends with other audience members at a show?

-Tried an unusual food such as a pizza cone at Summerfest?

-Met an artist who was performing at Summerfest?

-Camped out (aka snagged a bench) early in the day to be first row for a 10 PM show?

-Crowd-surfed at Summerfest?

-Seen the Red Hot Chilli Pipers at Summerfest?

-Lost a shoe while at Summerfest?

-Made out with a stranger at Summerfest?

-Played in the kids “Playzone”?

-Danced on the picnic tables?

-Attended all 11 days of Summerfest?

-Run into over 25 people that you know?

-Figured out ways to get into Summerfest for free?

-Spilled beer on someone at Summerfest?

-Had beer spilled on you at Summerfest?

-Been backstage at a show?

-Been put in Summerfest jail?

-Played at Summerfest?

-Gotten onstage during a show?

If you haven’t experienced all of what Summerfest has to offer, this is your chance to check more off your Summerfest checklist (though we hope you don’t end up in Summerfest jail)! Summerfest will be going on June 28th through July 2nd and July 4th through the 9th. Have a great time and stay safe.