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Our top 10 Milwaukee songs of 2018

There were so many Milwaukee songs that defined our year. Today we're highlighting just 10.

Each Thursday morning on Radio Milwaukee, the Journal Sentinel’s Piet Levy and 88Nine’s Jordan Lee talk about the music coming into Milwaukee and the music coming out of Milwaukee on Tap’d In.

Read more and listen to the podcast episode below for more about our favorite Milwaukee songs of 2018 and the bands to watch in 2019.

Top 10 Milwaukee songs of 2018

10. Midwest Death Rattle - " Square Wave"

We've listened to this song so much in 2018 that we forgot it came out this year. It feels like a classic that's been our favorite for much longer.

9. SURGEONS IN HEAT - " Why'd You Start?"

This song shows SURGEONS IN HEAT's surgical precision with its music. We've been addicted to these riffs all year.

8. Crystal Knives - " Never Enough"

This was the year that we really got hip to Crystal Knives. His single with Milk N Cooks shows that he was on another level in 2018.

7. REYNA - " Heartbeat"

REYNA released a few great singles this year, but "Heartbeat" is the one we found stuck in our head the most. It's pop perfection.

6. Lex Allen - " Struck Gold"

This song is explosively fun and unapologetically Lex. Not only is it a top song of 2018 for us, but it will definitely be on our NYE party playlists carrying us into 2019.

5. Amanda Huff - " Only in Dreams"

This song fully captures what Amanda Huff is capable of. And the cello by Peter J Thomas is a match made in heaven (or some other spectral place) for Amanda and her otherworldly voice.

4. Mic Kellogg - " Keep Lovin'"

2018 was hard. "Keep Lovin'" is the beautiful reminder we needed this year to...well, keep loving.

3. Webster X - " Feels"

This song calls out the despair and hypocrisy in the world, but Webster turns it into a balanced song about hope and resilience with relentlessly great beats.

2. Brett Newski - " Ride"

Sometimes you just want music that is an escape, something endlessly catchy to lighten the mood. That's what this song did for us throughout the year.

1. Nickel & Rose - " Americana"

This thoughtful song stood out to us very strongly this year. It's a protest song, it's gentle and beautifully written. This really captures our love-hate relationship we sometimes feel with Americana. We love the folk sensibilities, but don't love how the genre tends to exclude the same people whose ancestors created it. This is what strong Americana should do—shake things up while sounding good.

Celebrate more of the best Milwaukee music of the year at our (free!) Bands to Watch Concert coming up on January 12. It'll feature performances by Lex Allen, Dead Horses, Buffalo GospelLUXI and Versio Curs.

88Nine Senior Director of Programming | Radio Milwaukee