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WMSE's Tom Crawford reflects on 40 years of freeform independent radio

This week a Milwaukee institution marked a very big milestone: WMSE celebrated its 40th anniversary. That's a hard earned celebration for a station that's survived a lot, including a difficult year due to the pandemic. The station lost a lot of key underwriting in the early days of the pandemic, and was able to survive that thanks to the support of its contributors, who really showed up during the station's fund drive.

For so many of us here in Milwaukee, WMSE has been an invaluable cornerstone of the local music scene. It's an all-format station, so each DJ is their own program director. You'll hear programs dedicated from everything from big band to blues to shoegaze.

We really want to give some shout outs to them for making Milwaukee great. WMSE is at the core of what makes our Milwaukee music scene what it is, and many of us at Radio Milwaukee got our start there, including me, Dori Zori and Marcus Doucette. We wouldn't be where we are if not for WMSE giving us a chance.

On this week's episode, you can hear about some of the special events that WMSE has planned for this month and hear some stories from the station's history as Dori and I are joined by WMSE Station Manager Tom Crawford.

88Nine Senior Director of Programming | Radio Milwaukee