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Christmas concerts are big business in Milwaukee

This week on Tap'd In, we're talking about Christmas concerts. You've probably seen quite a few on the city's concert calendar. Martina McBride is playing one (Dec. 19 at The Riverside Theater). Some surviving Motown singers are playing one (Dec. 17 at The Riverside Theater). Chris Isaak has one (Dec. 8 at the Miller High Life Theatre). Even camp king John Waters is doing his version of one (Dec. 9 at Turner Hall Ballroom).

Chris Isaak | Courtesy photo

But what's the deal with these things? Are they any good? And does Chris Isaak really love Christmas that much? On this week's episode, Piet walks me through the Christmas concert cottage industry, explaining their appeal. It turns out that for many performers past their prime, a Christmas concert is just the ticket.

Stream this week's episode, where I reluctantly concede that Motown concert will probably be pretty good, below.