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Disclosure, new tunes and old favorties

Earlier this month, we got a new track from Disclosure called BANG THAT.

Disclosure has been pretty quiet over the past year or so. The unveiling of a new Disclosure single is a big deal.

In a recent Billboard article, the brothers said, "We're still not sure of an exact date, but people will definitely be hearing music this year."

We explore some of our favorites from Disclosure on this XFADER, plus some new tunes from fellow UK artist Atom E.


  1. Disclosure - Bang That
  2. Disclosure - Blue You
  3. Disclosure -F For You (Teed Remix)
  4. Disclosure- When A Fire Starts To Burn  (Midland Remix)
  5. Disclosure- Help Me Lose My Mind (Paule Woolford Remix)
  6. Disclosure - White Noise
  7. Funky Miracle (Atom E Rearranged Edit)
  8. By My Side (Original Mix)
  9. Fantasy (Felix Jaehn Remix) (Atom E Rearranged Edit)
  10. Show Me Love (Atom E Rearranged Edit)
  11. Magic (Original Mix)
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