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The official soundtrack to Hoanchella light show will be on 88Nine

A woman operates DJ equipment while holding up a t-shirt cannon as bubbles fill the air.
Samer Ghani
DJ Shawna / Instagram
DJ Shawna will bring her full arsenal to this Thursday's Hoanchella event: bubbles, t-shirt cannons and a synced experience on 88Nine.

Raising money is a never-ending pursuit made much easier when you really believe in where it’s going. It’s something we know pretty well at Radio Milwaukee (cough … become a member here… cough), so it was only natural for us to lend a hand with this Thursday’s Honachella, which will kick off the fundraising push to light the east-facing side of the Hoan Bridge.

Like its name, the event benefiting Light the Hoan exists thanks to a mash-up of two things — or, rather, two people: DJ Shawna and drone virtuoso Nate Vomhof. Besides sharing the unique title of “Milwaukee institution,” the pair have similar tastes in music and a powerful drive to show the city to the world in the same way that they see it.

That’s where they started. Where they ended up is Hoanchella, which is your standard fundraising gala except for the bubble machines and t-shirt cannon and 120-foot-tall bridge that serves as its centerpiece.

Did I mention the boat caravan? There’s also a boat caravan.

Obviously, this is far from your standard fundraising gala, so we felt compelled to get DJ Shawna in the studio to talk about pretty much everything — the event’s Dutch DJ inspiration, her big plans for the night and all the different ways to join the floating festivities (go to the Hoanchela website for more info on those).

She also shared how everyone in the area can enjoy the show, but we’ll spoil some of that right now so you can start making plans as soon as possible.

At 8:30 p.m. this Thursday, DJ Shawna’s 10-minute set will air on 88Nine in sync with the Hoan Bridge light show for you to enjoy the experience wherever your vantage point happens to be. Don't have your sea legs? Join our 88Nine crew at 600 S Water St. starting at 6 p.m. for a view of the bridge.

Get ready right now by downloading the Radio Milwaukee app for your Apple or Android device, find a watch party or your preferred viewing spot, and set a reminder for 8:30 p.m. this Thursday so you don’t miss the show.