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Sueños Festival 2024: The good, the bad and the Peso Pluma Curse

Sueños Music Festival

One of the fastest-growing festivals in the nation held its third edition this past weekend. For many, Sueños 2024 was an incredible experience. For others, it was a bit of a nightmare. But in both cases, it was unforgettable. Let’s start with the good from the festival.

The best of Sueños 2024

Food and drinks

The best part of the entire experience was the food. Other than a few festivals in Mexico, I have never had such great fast food at an event like this. The Gyro Taco, Birria Taco, Quesabirria and Pupusa all tasted authentic, were served warm, and contained a good amount of protein and homemade salsa. The drinks were equally delicious, with Bacardi, Buchanan's and Beatbox providing ample options. The cultural relevance of the food and drinks was evident, and the authenticity was impressive.


Overall, the festival was easy to navigate, with clear and aesthetically appropriate signage everywhere. The lines for the bathroom, food and drinks were quick and efficient.

Special props to the Sueños team for the garbage incentive, in which attendees could receive a festival t-shirt in exchange for a full garbage bag, encouraging participants to maintain clean grounds. And it worked! Getting everyone to pitch in — and ensuring trash and recycling bins were conveniently located — kept things looking good. Additionally, organizers kept attendees hydrated thanks to stations with free, clean water.

Adding to the vibrant atmosphere, the park showcased art exhibits by local artists, featuring beautiful installations and cultural dancers performing around. The integration of art and culture added an engaging dimension to the festival, making it a more enriching experience for everyone.

Best performance

Rauw Alejandro’s time on stage was unforgettable. His dancing, vocals and energy left the crowd absolutely stunned. With an ensemble of dancers and a final act that included fireworks and a light show, it was a euphoric finale to the first night.

Rauw Alejandro performing at Sueños 2024.
Sueños Music Festival
Rauw Alejandro performing at Sueños 2024.

The worst of Sueños 2024


Festivals and concerts are known for being expensive, and inflation has only worsened the situation. Drinks ranged from $14 to $35, and a full meal was roughly $40. An average participant purchasing a meal and beverage for breakfast, lunch and dinner ended up spending at least $120 each day.


Paying so much for tickets to see prime performers should include a decent view everywhere on the grounds. Unfortunately, with the flat layout of Grant Park, it was sometimes easier to see an artist from the back of the crowd rather than the middle, where the view was often obstructed by the heads of other attendees. To improve visibility, the organizers should consider heightening the stage or creating a hill that declines toward the stage.

Navigating the festival was also challenging, with more than 70,000 attendees making it difficult to move around, often taking 35 minutes to get from one place to another.


This was a serious concern. Bag checks were minimal — a situation made even more worrying in an era where gun violence is prevalent. Often, bags were just slid over the table without proper verification. While everyone wants to get through lines quickly, thorough security checks are crucial for ensuring the safety of all attendees.

Despite these issues, the festival remained an exciting and memorable event for most participants. However, the climax of the weekend brought an unexpected and significant disappointment that left many feeling shortchanged.

The curse of Peso Pluma

Sunday’s severe thunderstorms caused a major disappointment for attendees. As everyone enjoyed Maluma’s performance that evening, it was abruptly cut short with a bright red sign saying “evacuation.” The interruption meant main headliner Peso Pluma wasn’t allowed to take the stage, adding to his growing list of performance cancellations and evidence of what many call “The Peso Pluma Curse.”

Although the weather is out of everyone’s control, attendees immediately put pressure on the festival to provide a decent and respectable refund for their experiences. The many comments submitted online seemed to work: On Monday morning, Sueños organizers announced that attendees who purchased their wristbands through Front Gate Tickets will receive a 25% refund within 30 days.

Young Miko performing at Sueños 2024.
Sueños Music Festival
Young Miko performing at Sueños 2024.