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Here's where you should go for lunch around Milwaukee

Lunch at Cafe India

All across Milwaukee, a similar question arises hundreds — maybe thousands — of times every week:

“Where should we go for lunch?”

Radio Milwaukee HQ is located in Walker’s Point, and we’re always looking for a good spot in the area. Colectivo right across the street is reliable, but sometimes you crave something different that's equally delicious, filling and affordable.

I reached out to my coworkers for some suggestions, and you can look below to see what they recommended for our particular neighborhood on the border of Walker’s Point and the Third Ward. Then head over to our Instagram or Facebook and use the comment section to share your go-to place for lunch.

Radio Milwaukee staff picks

Jen Ellis, creative marketing manager: Colectivo is my saving grace. Their soup and sandwiches are amazing, and they've got a killer everything bagel.

Kim Shine, production manager: Depending on what you get, I love Lucky Ginger. Also, Aladdin in the Public Market.

Erin Wolf, 88nine music director: Gyro Palace in the Mobil station between 1st and 2nd is decent (and they have a good lentil soup). If you don’t mind walking or driving a bit, the Milwaukee Waterfront Deli on Water Street between Mason and Wells has basic soups and sandwiches that are pretty good and affordable. My only gripe is they could use better bread. I love their turkey pesto sammy.

Picture of a lunch from Milwaukee Waterfront Deli

Element Everest-Blanks, HYFIN Music director: I love Cafe India or Cafe Corazón.

Lunch at Cafe India

Brett Krzykowski, web editor: Ruta’s Fresh Indian Fare on Pittsburgh and 2nd is an excellent option because it satisfies the health-conscious part of your appetite, as well as the “give me something delicious to eat” part. Plus you can ruin the health-conscious thing by taking a five-second walk to Purple Door when you’re done.

Other places to try around town

Quick and casual

Unique and ethnic

  • Cubanitas: A go-to for Cuban cuisine in the downtown area.
  • Shah Jee’s: Offers Pakistani cuisine, a unique option for lunch.
  • Kawa Ramen & Sushi: A top choice for Japanese cuisine, including ramen and sushi.
  • Anytime Arepa: For a taste of Venezuela, specializing in arepas.

Upscale and trendy

Veggie and healthy

  • Beans & Barley: A reliable spot with a wide range of vegetarian and vegan options, including homemade soups, vegetarian chili and family-size meals.
  • On the Bus: A vegan stand in the Milwaukee Public Market offering a variety of plant-based options, including juices, date shakes, smoothies, toasts and sandwiches.
  • The Green Kitchen: Located in the Milwaukee Public Market, this spot is known for its salads, sandwiches and juices, making it a great choice for a quick and healthy lunch.
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