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Laura Dyan Kezman

Video Producer

Racine, WI

First Concert:
1997 was a special year. Polyester crop tops and wide-leg pants were considered a sensible fashion choice by my 10-year-old self, channeling the admiration I then felt for Gwen Stefani. The excitement of No Doubt being my first live music experience during the Summer of that year superseded the fact that beer was spilled on me, or that I bought a band shirt on my way into the amphitheater, which I proudly slipped over my crop top, or the fact I was being escorted by my parents. Tragic Kingdom will always hold a special place in my heart.

What do you like most about Milwaukee:
I love that Milwaukee continues to evolve without compromising its distinct character or the integrity of its history. I'm constantly discovering things about the city I never knew. Three adjectives I commonly use to describe Milwaukee are: vibrant, unassuming, and gritty.

Best part of working at Radio Milwaukee:
Walking into an office filled with passionate people who take the work they do seriously but don't take themselves too seriously.

What about you would surprise people:
I am directing a film about eating disorders. I once ran a half-marathon in the Arctic Circle. I tap dance.