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Makenzie Boettcher

Community Stories Producer and Weekend Host


Ideal Saturday night:
Pizza, sweatpants, a good documentary and dogs. Lots of dogs.

Favorite place to take a visitor in Milwaukee?
Any of Milwaukee's awesome brewery tours. Cliche, I know, but I really love history, science and beer, and brewery tours are the perfect combination of all three!

How did you get into radio?
Accidentally! I applied for an internship at 88Nine my sophomore year in college because I just really loved the station and thought it could be fun to work with music. Turns out after the internship ended, they couldn't get rid of me! I stuck around doing little jobs around the office, doing voiceover work here and there, volunteering, and (finally!) I convinced someone to teach me how to DJ. ...haven't looked back since!

What about you would surprise people?
One of my eyes is brown and the other is blue... I'm David Bowie!