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Add of the Week: It’s dog overload on Ty Segall’s ‘My Best Friend’

Every Monday, Add of the Week unveils all the new songs going into the 88Nine on-air playlist, with one hand-picked selection put in the spotlight by a member of our music team.

All of the songs we add to the 88Nine playlist are good. If they weren’t good, we wouldn’t add them. So, every week, we have a whatever-way tie for what to pick for our “Add of the Week.” There are a lot of ways to break that tie, but the one iron-clad rule I just made up right now is “dogs always win.”

That brings us to this week’s pick, Ty Segall’s “My Best Friend,” the latest single from his upcoming album, Three Bells. If you already clicked play on the video, you know why this had to be the one:

  • Dogs on the couch.
  • Dogs at the beach.
  • Dogs licking peanut butter off the floor. 
  • Dogs giving kisses to the camera.

“Dogs,” in this case, are Ty Segall’s boon companions Fanny and Herman. From the looks of it, we’re dealing with wiener dogs here (or dachshunds if you want to be all technical about it), the most video-friendly of all the dogs. Yes, pugs and corgis are adorable. But when you’re looking for the perfect combination of cuteness and hilarity, the weiner dog stands alone — on very short legs.

Also, there’s a song I should talk about since the 88Nine playlist is, in its current format, audio only. It’s a good song! Musically, it’s built on a steady drum-and-bass line interrupted by the occasional screech of electric guitar, eventually building to a more frantic section toward the end. Segall’s falsetto does the rest of the lifting as he sings about the thing you’d expect:

My best friend is easy
He is laying on my bed
He said, "I love you, yes I do"
When I am lazy, I just hang with him instead …
… of playing dead, playing dead

It’s a groovy song with a video that’ll make you smile. Sorry, other adds. Maybe more dogs next time around?

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