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Add of the Week: Dina Ögon’s Swedish soul sparkles on ‘Glitter’

We’re always on the hunt for new sounds to groove to, especially as winter winds down and spring awakens our senses a little more keenly. When I first heard Swedish band Dina Ögon’s dreamy take on funky soul, it was everything I was hoping for: loads of reverb on well-executed and on-point instrumentation.

On the single “Glitter” from recent full-length Orion, soft bass melts, snare hits snap smartly, and sitar weaves its smoke rings throughout. Anna Ahnlund’s jazz-styled vocals climb multiple layers, loftily adding to the overall hazy effect. And while the band’s songs are sung in Swedish, a quick Google Translate will render some deeper lyrics for a song that feels utterly serene:

It can’t be our glimmer of hope
Because it glitters wrong, glitters false
No trees in the open grow forever

The Stockholm-based band has spent over a decade co-existing as writers and performers, taking a very chill approach to their collaborations. “Our sound comes from letting each other be who they are,” Ahnlund said, “and not trying to conform to anything predefined.”

You can listen to “Glitter” here and on 88Nine by tuning your FM dial in Milwaukee or streaming worldwide on our website and mobile app.

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