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Partner Spotlight: Advocate Aurora Health

We receive support from our awesome members like you as well as community partners.

Today, we wanted to shine a light on one of our supporters, Advocate Aurora Health.


Hi, what is your name and what is your role?

Erickajoy Daniels – Senior Vice President, Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer at Advocate Aurora Health.

What's one song you can't stop listening to?

"Masterpiece ," by Tori Kelly. I love deep lyrics, and the words remind me that learning from mistakes and recognizing the purpose in our lives fuels us to strive for success. Also, the beat can pick me up even on the roughest day!

What are you most passionate about in regards to what is happening in our community and what is Aurora doing for the community?

Racial and ethnic divisions in Milwaukee are historic. They are part of the city’s story. On one hand, this city has been ranked for a very long time among the most segregated. But what really makes me passionate in Greater Milwaukee is that there are enough people and institutions – Advocate Aurora Health among them – dissatisfied with the status quo that they have decided to stop being fatigued by it and start doing something about it.

These are people and groups putting money into their efforts and seeking to build new relationships and find new ways to accomplish growth and see visions through from inception to fruition. At Advocate Aurora Health, we’re in a period of transformation. You can’t get away from that word, transformation. It’s reflected in our relationship with the Greater Milwaukee community as well, in that we know that wellness goes beyond physical health. Sure, there are physical problems that have plagued our diverse communities – issues that are fueled by stress and hypertension, for example. But we’re focused on helping to ensure every person we encounter feels appreciated and cared for; we have a responsibility to be proactive and help people get ahead of problems, not just fix them after they arise. And that requires a holistic approach, creating a welcoming environment and raising awareness that leads to better informed decision making. Good, efficient health care is rooted in trust. And we’re working to build that trust.

Why do you choose to support 88Nine?

Partnerships in the community are key to Advocate Aurora Health building meaningful relationships and making meaningful connections. A connected community is a healthier community. And the common vision and goals of 88Nine and Advocate Aurora Health represent a shared mindset of determination to help the community at large to live well. Music is not only good “medicine” but also can bring people together and help generate more collaborative approaches to advancing change. There are some institutions that take a top-down approach and others that draw their strength and inspiration from their communities. 88Nine represents the latter to me. I love Radio Milwaukee’s grassroots approach to music and entertainment, community relations and even news. It excites me that you’re passionate about exploring new relationships and considering different people, music, art, takes on community, and more. Your approach ensures a higher level of inclusivity. And we believe inclusivity drives meaningful change that can make a world of difference in the lives of others.