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A man with a beard, long hair and glasses smiles at the camera.

Benjamin Koenigs

Traffic Manager

Greenbush, Wisc. (don't blink, you'll miss it)

First concert:
Beach Boys at the Sheboygan County Fair with my parents. I was like 7 years old and asked my parents if I could bring my CD player. Spoiler alert: They said no. Since my childhood, I've grown to appreciate the Beach Boys.

Favorite band/artist of all time:
I can't pick just one! Tom Waits, System of a Down, Reel Big Fish, Against Me!, Bad Religion, and IDLES are in the top spots for sure. I gotta show love to Direct Hit!, Every Time I Die, Dead Kennedys, Tenacious D, Rancid, and a ton of others though. Ask me again next week and this list will change.

Best concert:
System of a Down with Deftones at the United Center in Chicago. I was in the pit the entire time and it felt like I was in a wave of people. I just had to go with the flow of the people. It was surreal. A close second would be Reel Big Fish, Less Than Jake, and Streetlight Manifesto at Summerfest.

Favorite place to take a visitor in Milwaukee:
Wherever the food is at! Pizza? We are going to The Bubbler. Wings? We are going to Club Garibaldi's. Beer? Throw a dart at a map of Milwaukee, and we will probably hit a place that has great beer.

Something no one in the office knows about you:
I used to be in a punk-rock band called "Not Exactly Heroes" where I was the lead singer and played bass. Now, I've calmed down a bit and use my talents on the Ukulele. Also, I collect Pokémon cards.

Comfort drink:
Brandy old fashioned sour. With a cherry garnish, not mushrooms.