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Where does ‘Knock at the Cabin’ fit on the Shyamalan roller coaster?

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A promo image for the movie "Knock at the Cabin" shows the backs of four people holding makeshift weapons and staring at a cabin.
Knock at the Cabin / Facebook

Every week, Kristopher Pollard from Milwaukee Film and Radio Milwaukee’s Dori Zori talk about movies — because that’s what you do when you’re Cinebuds.

This week, we take a look at the newest thriller from M. Night Shyamalan, Knock at the Cabin. A sweet family has their vacation interrupted by a motley crew of invaders who make some unthinkable requests of them. Are they messengers of the fate of the planet or simply lunatic cultists? Or a third super-twisty option?

We'll talk about the highlights (Dave Bautista cast wildly against type?!) and our personal journeys through Shyamalan's whole career arc (spoiler: It's bumpy). But where did we land on this newest outing?! Hit that “Listen” button above and find out! Plus, we also talk about what else we've been watching.

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