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Allison Mahal’s music takes you back to keep moving forward

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Every week, the State of Sound podcast welcomes an artist from our monthly concert series into the studio to go deep on one of their songs. For more info on the live show, including how to get tickets, visit the event page.

Singer-songwriter Allison Mahal grew up in the Midwest and relocated to Nashville in her 20s before a recent move to Milwaukee brought her back closer to home. Mahal’s musical craft has its roots in those early days, writing songs as far back as she can remember.

Her storytelling is deeply inspired by time and place, something we chatted about while digging into her song, “Freaky,” which irons out the anxious feelings reflective of a particularly poignant period of personal growth.

To hear the conversation and part of Mahal’s set from April’s State of Sound showcase, hit the “Listen” button at the top of the page or find us on your podcast platform of choice. Then head over to the State of Sound event page and grab tickets to our next live show Saturday, June 1, featuring Melee The Queen, Cyrus Chrome, Lady Sabo and Vacancy Chain.

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