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Klan 414 embraces innovation while still respecting tradition

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Every week, the State of Sound podcast welcomes an artist from our monthly concert series into the studio to go deep on one of their songs. For more info on the live show, including how to get tickets, visit the event page.

Klan 414 calls the South Side of Milwaukee home, making modern Mexican music that’s rooted in tradition yet showcases a modern appeal, with stories embellished with a brassy blast from that genre's roots.

We chatted about the inspiration behind Klan 414’s song, “Tu Relato,” which hovers around the complexity of significant relationships and demonstrates how the band’s roots and family ties come together. The result is a warm and beautiful vibe on this tender song that’s filled with heartfelt emotions, amplified further by brass, thudding bass and bright guitars.

To hear the conversation and part of Klan 414’s live set from their appearance at our State of Sound showcase, find us on your preferred podcast platform or use the player at the top of the page.

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