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What are Milwaukee celebs cooking up?

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It’s easy to think you know a person in a public role because you see their name in the news or hear the things they say in press conferences and the like. In reality, that’s just one part of who they are. If you want to get a better idea of who you’re dealing with, getting them out of their comfort zone — and into the kitchen — is a solid idea.

In fact, that’s the very idea Greater Milwaukee Foundation president and CEO Ellen Gillian had while watching Selena Gomez’s cooking show on HBO Max (or Max or whatever it’s called now) with her husband, Charlie DeSando. So he started his own version in 2022, inviting city leaders like Mayor Cavalier Johnson to whip up something with him in the kitchen.

Ann had the chance to ask DeSando a few questions for Milwaukee Magazine, so I took the opportunity to ask Ann about it at the top of this week’s podcast. The rest of the episode was surprisingly heavy on mochi donut conversation:

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