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How Milwaukee is creating empathy in its architecture

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How would you describe our city? What comes to mind when you think about Milwaukee? Is it your favorite place? Is Milwaukee a unique city without our landmarks? Would we recognize the city without the Milwaukee Art Museum, the Pabst Mansion or even the scenic Riverwalk? What defines our sense of place?

I started thinking about this concept on my morning walks. I am someone who often functions on autopilot. When I go on my walks, I stare at my feet and never truly look around. And then it hit me; I began to take notice. It was on a day when I left my headphones at home and couldn’t be distracted. I instead tuned in to the streets around me. Buildings no longer were a collection of bricks but started becoming characters of our city. When we create stories, Milwaukee is its own protagonist because it breathes its own life.

What could our city, neighborhoods and community spaces look like if they were created based on people’s emotional, psychological and social needs? What if we focused on empathy?

I spoke to Milwaukee architects to learn the value of empathy in design space. Listen to learn more about the wondrous world of architecture.

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