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Real women, real bodies: Getting candid about body-image journeys

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Two women smiling at the camera. The woman on the left is leaning her head on the other woman's shoulder.
Erin Bagatta
Iuscely Flores (left) and Yasmine Mohamed Ahmed

Body shaming is nothing new. It has existed throughout history and affects women of all ages, leaving physical and emotional scars.

More recently, a movement emerged in the early 2000s and persisted in the years following that encouraged an unhealthy, ultra-thin body ideal. This era was marked by a fashion trend known as “heroin chic,” while social media platforms like Tumblr also played a role by helping spread harmful “thinspo” content like wildfire.

Anyone who experienced the effects knows the ongoing need for body positivity and acceptance in today’s society. So, as we start our focus month on bodies here on Uniquely Milwaukee, we decided to ask two women the same question: How do you feel in your body?

That was the start of our dialogue with Yasmine Mohamed Ahmed, a Black Muslim woman who is plus-sized, and Iuscely Flores, an undocumented social-justice activist. Despite being asked the exact same thing, they had completely different answers, revealing body image's unique and personal nature.

On this episode, you’ll also hear HYFIN’s Element Everest-Blanks join me to provide even more insight as we explore our complicated relationships with our bodies. Make sure you check back with us all throughout this month as the conversation continues with people from all corners of our community:

  • April 4 — Real women, real bodies: Getting candid about body-image journeys.
  • April 11 — Breaking the silence: Men and women navigate beauty standards from hair to height.
  • April 18 — Beyond the binary: Transgender voices in the body positivity movement and embracing body diversity.
  • April 25 —Leaving no one behind: How the disabled community challenges inclusion and ableism.
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