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Ambar Lucid's 'Truth Is So Loud' makes her talent so clear

In 2019, I was honored to interview Ambar Lucid for an NPR Alt.Latino segment titled "Latin Music in the Heartland." Lucid, then a teenager, had just released her debut album, embarking on self-discovery amidst the complexities of family dynamics and young love.

Raised in the aftermath of her father's deportation to Mexico, Lucid's story was one of resilience and searching for a familial connection. That was captured in the documentary Llegaron Las Flores, in which she reunited with her father and met her younger sister for the first time.

Lucid's musical journey started at the age of 5, as she taught herself to play the piano, guitar and ukulele through YouTube tutorials. Fast-forward to the present, and the 23-year-old Lucid exudes a new confidence and determination, as reflected in her latest projects.

Recent months have seen her release a string of singles — "Frio," "Donde Se Fue el Sol," “NADIE COMO TU” and most recently "Truth Is So Loud" — each a sonic exploration into diverse musical landscapes while delving into themes of relationships and the quest for self-discovery.

This evolution showcases Lucid's versatility as an artist, fearlessly embracing different sounds and textures while remaining anchored in the raw honesty of her lyrical narratives. With each release, she invites listeners into a world where vulnerability meets strength, and authenticity reigns supreme.

As she continues to carve her path in the music industry, one thing remains certain: Ambar Lucid is a force to be reckoned with. You'll hear from her at the top of this episode, along with new music from Camilo, Taylor Diaz & Alvaro Navarro, Angelica Garcia and more.

Episode playlist

  • Ambar Lucid, “Truth is so Loud”
  • Angelica Garcia, “Gemini”
  • Barry Can’t Swim, “Kimbara”
  • Meridian Brothers, “En el Caribe estoy triste”
  • DORA, “Cuando No Estás”
  • Estéreo Waves, “Ojos Cafés”
  • Camilo, “Amor de Extranjeros”
  • Christian Pagán, “Suma de los Dos”
  • Taylor Diaz & Alan Navarro, “California”
  • babas tutsipop, “Sobrenatural”
  • Girgio Siladi, “Hack”
  • Reik, “Baja California”
  • Pablopablo & Guitarricadelafuente, “Sidekick”
  • Esteman & Bandalos Chinos, “Mistica”
  • Nicole Zignango, “NO TE VAS”
  • A.CHAL, “Noche Sola”
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