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State of Sound: dak duBois

Jen Ellis

"We're gonna get weird for a sec."

Toward the beginning of this episode, dak duBois gave us fair warning about what were in for over the next — well, what turned out to be 30 minutes, at least on-air.

The Oshkosh native has been part of the Milwaukee music scene for a relatively short time but didn't take long to establish himself, balancing carefully honed ability with a carefree performance style. So we knew duBois was likely to make the most of the opportunity when we turned our stage over to him, and that's exactly how the set played out.

Every song left room for instrumental exploration — not full-blown jam sessions by any means, but rather expanded showcases for the mix of funk, soul and psychedelia. That's a recipe for meaty tunes, the flavor of which depends greatly on the musicians wielding the tools. With duBois on guitar, Michael Sambar on bass, Mark Soriano on drums and special guest vocalist Brother Malik, the super-sized meal served up for this episode turned out pretty tasty.

You can pick up duBois' self-titled debut on Bandcamp and visit his website for info about all his musical goings-on.

Set list

  1. "seaside"
  2. "you were there"
  3. "hands"
  4. "portland"