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New park to go next to Fondy Farmers Market

Park near Fondy Farmers Market

Today, the city of Milwaukee announced a multi-year, public/private partnership led by ECO's HOME GR/OWN.  They will be converting a 3/5 acre, city-owned lot into a park. The park will be located next to Fondy Farmers Market.

Currently, the city and its partners are in the design and budgeting phase.  Partners include: Fondy Food Center, Reflo, ReciproCITY, Energy Exchange, City Departments of Public Works and City Development, Fund for Lake Michigan, North Ave/Fondy BID #32, Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District, UW-M School of Architecture and Urban Planning's Community Design Solutions and Mayor Barrett's Strong Neighborhoods Plan.

The first phase will be completed this year and will include a complete storm management system, and a hardscaped, landscaped park. The current name of the park will be "Fondy Park" until they come up with a final name.

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Other sustainability features will include:

1) Gutters that collect rain off of the Fondy Market's buildings,

2) Pipes will collect water that would normally flow into a Fond du Lac Avenue storm sewer and bring it onto the site, out of the sewer system.

3) A 1,500 gallon aboveground cistern that holds rainwater for watering the park's plants,

4) A 2,500 square foot bioswale that will temporarily hold water in a meadow-like area, reducing  pressure on the sewer system during a storm,

5) Remote control of this stormwater system by Veolia/MMSD to control water inflow and outflow,

6) A roof-mounted solar system provided by ECO's Milwaukee Shines will provide power for the stormwater system and battery power for lighting and events requiring electricity,

7) Native perennial plantings, providing food and shelter for pollinators like bees and butterflies.

Director of Digital | Radio Milwaukee