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Building community with DIY modular synths in Milwaukee

Modular synth display at Modular Addict shop in Bay View

Once home to an old school hobby shop, this storefront on Kinnickinnic in Bay View now houses a new type of hobby – everything you need to build a Modular Synthesizer.

The modular synth scene in Milwaukee is growing, with meet-ups and Milwaukee Synth Fest featuring building workshops and live modular synth performances -- and this new shop, Modular Addict, is a hub for the movement. The shop is named for a reason; many people who start building modular synths, can’t stop adding to their collections.

We spoke with the owner John, who took his DIY synth obsession out of his basement and into a storefront and online shop, helping other builders feel a sense of community.

We also hear from Jim Schoenecker, musician and organizer of Milwaukee Synth Fest to talk about the growing community of builders and performers of mod synths.

Listen below to hear a conversation and samples of some of the sounds they are making:

Anyone can walk in Modular Addict and start building, but check the shop's Facebook page for events like meet-ups and workshops.

For more info on Milwaukee Synth Fest, click HERE.

Check out photos of the synth display inside the shop: