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March Madness Burger Series at Merriment Social

Milwaukee burger
Milwaukee burger

"Mil (Wow, That's a Good Burger!) Kee"

That's what you'll be saying after devouring one (or three) of these tasty culinary treats.  The in-house burger lab here at Radio Milwaukee worked tirelessly to concoct a perfect recipe that, like the music we play, has something for everyone!

Let's start with the bun.  We opted for a lightly toasted pretzel bun.  Who doesn't like pretzel buns?
Then, let's add a delicious all beef patty (hold the special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions and sesame seed bun, please).
Next up, we actually do add some special sauce (Merriment Social's "Not So Secret" Stadium Sauce to be exact), NO LETTUCE!, cheese (perfectly melted smoked gruyere cheese),  pickles (locally produced, thinly sliced, bread & butter pickles) and some onions (Miller High Life caramelized onions). To top it off we add some perfectly prepared and locally sourced cherrywood bacon!

This burger will be available for all to try (and vote for, if you are so inclined) during Merriment Social's March Madness Burger Series.

You can try our Mil (Wow, That's a Good Burger!) Kee February 27 - March 2.  It will be available during 4-6 p.m. happy hour on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, and all-night on Thursday!

When you order a burger, you get a card to vote. Whoever gets the most votes at the end of the week moves on to the semifinals and eventually to the finals and beyond!

Here's how the competition works: Every Tuesday through Friday through April 13,  Merriment will have 2 ($5) happy hour burgers facing off!  Burger-eaters will  be given a ballot to cast their vote for their favorite burger.  The winning burger moves on for its chance to be enjoyed in subsequent rounds. The overall winner will receive bragging rights as well as a donation to charity of their choice!

The competitors include:  88Nine Radio Milwaukee, Traction Factory, Founders 3,Lammi Sports Management, Moda 3, PK Ware, Plunkett Raysich Architects, as well as defending champion, Merriment Social regular, Mark Fraaza.  The event started last year with only restaurant regulars and has expanded this year to include local businesses in the neighborhood.