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Did you know that there is a Chicago spa where you can soak in beer?

There is nothing like a good soak in a hot tub in a spa or sweating it out in a sauna. When I really need to relax but can't go far, I sometimes try to make a trip to King Spa in Niles, which is open 24/7.  However, the one thing I would love to have while I'm soaking my problems away is a nice, cold beer.

But there is a Chicago spa that takes the enjoying a beer in a hot tub one step further.  In the neighborhood of Noble Park, you can soak your entire body in beer at Piva Beer Spa.

Piva Beer Spa opened in 2018 and offers traditional spa services like massages, steam rooms, saunas and Halotherapy. But spa's specialty is the beer soak, which is tub filled with hot water, a mixture of hops, barley, brewer's wart extracts and pilsner beer. You are probably asking yourself, this sounds great and all but why would I soak my butt in beer instead of drinking it?

According to Piva Beer Spa's website, soaking in beer has many benefits:

  1. Improves damaged skin - Extracts of hops, barley and brewer’s yeast contain polyphenols that have anti-oxidant properties that help prevent and alleviate oxidative damage of cells, lipids and DNA.
  2. ​Exfoliates, softens and improves elasticity of skin - Hops are filled with antioxidants which give beer anti-inflammatory properties. Brewer’s yeast found in beer can make skin softer to the touch. The amount of alcohol in the beer has anti-bacterial properties. The vitamins found in beer have been shown to help maintain PH balance of the skin.
  3. Helps clear skin and acne - Barley contains Epidermal Growth Factor. Along with the moisturizing properties, it can help clear skin.
  4. Hydrates skin - B vitamins, saccharides, yeast and hops in the mixture help hydrate and condition the skin
  5. Conditions hair and has been shown to stimulate thinning hair - Proteins found in beer add weight and shine without taking away the natural shine of hair and has even been shown to stimulate thinning hair growth.
  6. Relaxing - The smell of hops has been shown to be a natural sleep aid. Absorbing it typically creates a relaxed feeling

The sixth benefit I can believe, because when I drink a pint, I feel very relaxed. The big question I have is if I can I drink a beer while I'm soaking in beer. According to a Timeout Chicago story, the answer is soon.  The spa is working on getting their liquor license and may brew their own beer.

Director of Digital | Radio Milwaukee