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What were the Hawks thinking inviting Crime Mob to play a Bucks anthem?

Look, I understand why at first blush the Atlanta Hawks thought it was a great idea inviting Crime Mob to play their 2004 crunk hit "Knuck If You Buck" before halftime. Crime Mob, of course, is an Atlanta group, and while "Knuck If You Buck" isn't yet a stadium standard on the level of, say, "Seven Nation Army" or "I'm Shipping Up To Boston," it could get there one day -- it lights up arenas. Plus it's Crime Mob. At the playoffs. That's awesome.

The problem, of course, is that "Knuck If You Buck" is a Bucks anthem, too. Buck is right there in the title. Milwaukee radio stations spin it before playoff games. Fans have made their own bootleg "Knuck if You Buck" T-shirts. There's even a Bucks podcast called "Knuck If You Buck."

That song belongs to the world, but as much as any team could own it, the Bucks do. And sure enough, after drawing the game to a tie at halftime, the Milwaukee Bucks sealed the deal in the second half, winning 113-102.

The Milwaukee Bucks Twitter account couldn't help but rub it in.

For game four, the Hawks might as well invite Coo Coo Cal to play "My Projects." Or play a polka medley of the "Happy Days" and "Laverne & Shirley" theme songs. Or a mix of Greek music personally curated by the Antetokounmpo family. The effect would have been the same.