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Last call for one of Milwaukee's best chicken sandwiches: Foxfire Food Truck is closing

One of Milwaukee's most beloved food trucks is closing. Foxfire Food Truck announced today that it's closing after five years. "We're selling the truck," the operators wrote on Facebook, calling the news bittersweet but saying "we have goals outside of the food service industry in our horizon."

The good news? The truck will be open a little longer. Its final day will be Sunday, Nov. 28, when it promises to serve until 7 p.m. "or we run out of food."

Foxfire Food Truck's chicken sandwich |

A mainstay of Zocalo Food Truck Park, Foxfire serves a variety of craft sandwiches, including a spicy chicken sandwich that was arguably the best in the entire city -- absurdly crispy, perfectly seasoned and twice the portion it needed to be for its price point.

That sandwich is a thing of beauty, and it will be very, very missed.