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Green Bay star changes his mind and announces return

Green Bay Packers / USA Network / Facebook

That’s right. Just when we thought he was done, when it seemed like we’d never see him suit up again, Titletown’s most beloved, multiple-award-winning, California-connected individual has decided to run it back one more time.

Tony Shalhoub is making a Monkmovie for Peacock.

Yeah, yeah, there’s that other guy whose career we’re all VERY concerned about right now. But come on, this is Tony Shalhoub! Has he ever done anything besides bring you joy? Wings. Big Night. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Four primetime Emmys. Six Screen Actors Guild awards. A Golden Globe. A Tony. He’s one of those guys who pops up in something, and you just know he’s going to delight the hell out of you.

He also went to high school with my mom, which is pretty awesome.

Tony Shalhoub (left) and Ted Levine (and Ted Levine's mustache) in an episode of "Monk."
USA Network / Facebook
Tony Shalhoub (left) and Ted Levine (and Ted Levine's mustache) in an episode of "Monk."

But back to the Monk news. For eight seasons on USA Network, Shalhoub played the titular character, a former detective with the San Francisco Police Department who had a mental break following his wife’s murder. That makes the show sound pretty dark, but in reality it managed to strike a nice balance between mystery/drama and the comedy Shalhoub is primarily known for. Plus it had Ted Levine, aka Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs, and his glorious mustache.

Levine (and hopefully his mustache) are back for the new Peacock project, along with the core members of the original cast. Somewhat redundantly titled Mr. Monk’s Last Case: A Monk Movie, it will follow Shalhoub’s character as he comes out of retirement for “one last, very personal case involving his beloved step-daughter Molly, a journalist preparing for her wedding.”

I’m guessing hijinks will ensue, and Monk will save the day. Honestly, they could release the entire script online, and I’d still watch it because — again — Shalhoub = delightful.

If you need proof, go back and watch the original Monk series. There are 125 episodes, and by the time you’re done, maybe the situation with that other famous guy from Green Bay will finally be resolved.